Man Has Over 1,000 Anime Backgrounds He’d Never Use in Public


Over the past year, anime fan Charles Walker has collected over 1,000 anime-themed backgrounds that he would never dare put on his computer in public. We sat down with Charles to discuss his dedication to collecting backgrounds which he does not use outside of his own room.

Charles, a man who doggedly refuses to bring up anime unless someone else says tells him they’re a fan beforehand, told our reporters, “It’s just something of a hobby for me. I started by seeing other people’s background collections on sites like Reddit, and it got me interested in anime-themed art. Whenever I get the time I’ll scroll through Pixiv or Danbooru to see what’s been added for my favorite shows.”

“Really, I’m into background collecting for the art of it. There’s some really cool anime artwork out there. I don’t mind too much if there’s nudity, so long as the background is well-composed,” Charles told us, leaving out the fact that his most searched tags include “Cleavage,” “Bare Legs,” and “Hestia (Danmachi).”

“I’ve got it set up so that the my laptop’s background changes to a random image once an hour. That way every hour I get a nice surprise, plus I get to actually use all of my backgrounds,” said Charles, who upon taking his laptop to any public place, changes the background back to the generic sky image and tells friends that he’s too lazy to change it.

“Honestly, as many backgrounds as I’ve collected I feel like I’ve just started. I feel a lot like a fine art collector, and my computer screen is my museum.” After the interview was over, Charles shooed our reporters out of his room and locked the door.

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