Man Horrified to Learn He Likes ‘Yuru Yuri’


Anime fan Kent Voight came to the horrifying realization today that he actually enjoys the anime Yuru Yuri after watching the entire first season in a single sitting.

Kent admitted to reporters: “I was bored and looking for a new anime to watch but didn’t have any ideas, so I hit Crunchyroll’s random button and Yuru Yuri showed up. I started the first episode as a joke, and 2 hours later I’m on episode 6 and I have to force shutdown my computer to stop.”

“Why did it have to be Yuru Yuri of all series? At least if it was Hidamari Sketch I could say I was watching it for Akiyuki Shinbo’s art direction, or if it were Non Non Biyori I could say it reminds me of my life in the countryside. Yuru Yuri’s got none of that, it’s almost entirely middle school girls making sex jokes, which is really creepy when you stop and think about it, but for some reason it’s really enjoyable.”

“I mean, shouldn’t I be doing something productive with my time? I’ve been meaning to rewatch Neon Genesis Evangelion to see if I can understand the symbolism I missed the first time. And I hear that Rakugo show is respectable and mature, I should start watching that,” Kent said as he put on another episode of Yuru Yuri.

At present, Kent has decided that Yuru Yuri is ”Self-aware genre subversion” and “Really quite smart, actually.”

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