Man Hospitalized After Exposure to ANN Forums


A hazmat worker cleans up a computer found on the man’s property

SAN ANTONIO, TX — A 24-year-old man was rushed to the emergency room late last evening after coming into contact with the Anime News Network forums, officials stated.

According to a report, the man was reading up on anime news at the popular (but not as awesome as Anime Maru) news site when he clicked a link leading to a discussion thread. Upon reading the ignorant comments from various clueless users, the man fell into a epileptic seizure. His roommate called emergency services, who rushed him to the hospital.

A hospital spokesman has reported that this is the second instance of ANN forums causing a hospitalization in the last three months.

“Reading shitty internet comments can lead to a range of symptoms such as rage, depression, cardiac arrest, seizures, impotence, and blunt-force trauma,” Dr. Chandra Sivisiwan, resident at Hope Medical Center told Anime Maru. “One has to be especially cautious on sites such as Reddit and Anime News Network, where the conversation can turn from legitimate discussion to idiotic trolling in a matter of moments.”

The man was reported to be in stable condition earlier today.

“Whatever you do, don’t read those comments about the Jimmy Kimmel Comic Con sketch,” Dr. Sivisiwan warned.


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