Man Living Under Rock Surprised Second Season of ‘Kemono Friends’ is Bad

DUBUQUE, IA — After 7 episodes of Kemono Friends 2, local resident Jordan Sullemeyer expressed confusion and disappointment at the quality of the this season’s continuation of the cult classic 2017 anime. The unemployed 23-year-old rock dweller, who has been without internet or any form of communication for almost two years, expressed to friends and family that he enjoyed the first season of Kemono Friends and can’t understand why he doesn’t similarly enjoy the second season.

Reports indicate that Sullemeyer thinks the second season is “weird and really different” and “feels like a cheap soulless copy [compared to the first season].”

“Did they change directors? Maybe the first one did such a good job he got really confident and left to do something else,” Sullemeyer wondered aloud.

“You’d think after all the money the first season made, they would have the budget to improve the animation in the second season.”

As of press time, latest reports indicate that Sullemeyer is shocked and never saw this coming.

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