Man Misses the Good Ol Days When There was Only One Anime


NORMAN, OK — Silently shaking his head while sifting through the plethora of first impression articles for this season’s new anime, 64-year-old local resident David Sutherland looks resigned. The longtime anime fan admitted that is has been 52 years since his favorite show, Astro Boy aired and anime since then has “sucked”.

“Anime before 1964 had amazing storytelling, innovative design, and focused on narrative instead of pandering fanservice,” Sutherland told Anime Maru. “It all started going downhill with Tetsujin 28-go. God that show just ruined the anime industry.”

Sutherland then went on to claim that anime is “all about lolicon now” and criticize newer animation studios such as Toei Animation and Studio Ghibli for prioritizing fan service and commercialization over narrative quality.

“My impressions of the current season? Everything sucks. Gaakou Gurashi sucks. Gate sucks. Sore ga Seiyuu sucks. There haven’t been good anime since Astro Boy,” Sutherland writes on his anime blog. His blog, in which he rants daily about how much he hates anime, has over one hundred thousand subscribers. “If you’re getting into anime now, sorry. The Golden Age of Anime is long gone — it began and ended with Astro Boy. The anime industry now is a wasteland of moe excrement that only exists to hate on.”

When asked what his second favorite anime is, Sutherland thought long and hard. “I guess To Love Ru is ok,” he told Anime Maru.

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