Man Mistakenly Watches ‘Houkago no Pleiades’ While Searching for ‘Re:Zero’


OMAHA, NE — Not realizing his mistake until it was far too late, local anime fan and middle school teacher Richard Long accidentally watched all 12 episodes of the Gainax original anime Houkago No Pleiades last Friday following a mishap involving Richard’s search for Re:Zero.

Long, 31, reportedly searched Google using the search term “Anime with main character named Subaru”, and just happened to click the top result without checking that that was the correct link. He vented his frustrations in an interview with Anime Maru.

“All I wanted was to see what all this commotion about Subaru was about and why the community was so obsessed,” Long told reporters. “I wanted to keep up to date with this “flavor of the season” show and join in on the shitposting with the anime community.”

“I ended up watching a show about middle school magical girls and their stupid talking calamari.”

Long struggled to conceal his disappointment.

“I was looking forward to laughing at all the funny memes around this show, but now all I do is make charts detailing every single girls’ timeline and sharing pictures of the space porn art from the show.”

When asked how he was feeling after the whole ordeal, Richard reportedly replied, “Po-warm.”


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