Man Only Uses Epic Games Store to Claim Free Games But Never Install Them

MADISON, WI – Local gamer Evan Kline, 27, added yet another free title from the Epic Games Store to his account earlier today despite having no intention to ever actually install it.

The currently offered game, Train Sim World 2, is one of dozens of titles that Kline has redeemed during various promotions on the Epic Games Store. With Kline having no interest in either simulated or physical trains, expectations remain low that this latest addition will provide enough incentive for Kline to actually use the Epic Games Store to play anything.

“I’ve never even heard of this game before to be honest,” Kline admitted with indifference. “But I figure it’s a free game so why not? If I end up wanting to check it out later then I’ll at least have it on hand.”

Kline’s routine of claiming unnecessary free games has only continued to worsen since registering an Epic Games account nearly two years ago. While Kline says that he initially would only log on to claim games that looked interesting, he now returns almost every week to claim any free game regardless.

“I actually already have this one on Steam,” said Kline, pointing out a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 still sitting untouched in his account. “Not sure why I even added it in.”

Kline also added that it was rare for him to even open the Epic Games Store client at all, preferring instead to just go to the website in his browser.

“I once accidentally clicked on the Epic Games shortcut and almost panicked when it started up and I didn’t recognize it. I thought it was a malware pop-up or something,” Kline told our correspondent. “It then needed to download an update before it would launch. It’s much easier to just go through the website and not deal with it.”

The Epic Games Store has reportedly lost Epic $273 million in 2020 alone. Despite the losses, Epic has maintained its position that game giveaways are still a worthwhile promotional tool for attracting new users. Epic has yet to comment on when any of such funds would go towards improving the functionality and features of the store itself.

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