Man Spends Entire Quarantine Bingeing VTuber Streams

MAPLEWOOD, NJ – Chris Markel, 25, has been spending an excessive number of hours watching online VTuber streams during lockdown, according to Markel’s roommate.

While many have taken their time isolated from others to learn new skills or generally improve themselves, the New Jersey resident has seemingly done neither, choosing instead to spend countless hours watching online videos of virtual anime avatars playing games, doing commentary, and attempting various activities.

Markel reportedly started his time in quarantine with high hopes of being able to efficiently work from home and finally having time to make it through his anime backlog. After discovering VTubers, however, Markel’s productivity began to degrade to a point where he now regularly fails to meet even minor daily goals such as waking up before 1 PM or putting on pants.

Friends and family have expressed concern over Markel being able to eventually return to being a somewhat functional human being in society although most admitted they were unsure whether Markel ever was one in the first place.

While Markel’s condition has not shown any signs of improving, the situation has still been much less adverse, at least financially so, than Markel’s deep dive into mobile gacha games last year.

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