Man Starting to Run Out of Non-Sports Anime


RESTON, VA — Anime fan Scott Anderson realized today while looking for new anime to watch that he has exhausted the selection of popular anime that are not about sports.

During his search for new anime to watch on Anime-Planet, Anderson reportedly discovered that he has watched all of the highly ranked shows except Haikyuu, Hajime no Ippo, Ping Pong, Kuroko no Basket, Major, Slam Dunk, Cross Game, Ashita no Joe and Chihayafuru. “Those are all in the top 100 and I haven’t even heard of like half of them, when did they all get there?” Anderson told reporters.

“Back when I started watching anime I didn’t watch any sports anime at all because I don’t really like sports, but now I guess people suddenly love sports anime? I kinda get it, I mean I watched Yuri on Ice and I liked Euphonium which is kind of like a sport except for nerds. I’ll probably like all of these shows too?”

“I’m sure all these anime are great, but how many times can you tell the story of an underdog athlete who wins a few matches, loses an important match early on and then comes back to have a greater victory in the second season?”

Upon realizing that at this point his choices were to get into sports anime or start watching anime made before 2006, Scott reluctantly put on the first episode of Haikyuu!!

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