Man Suddenly Remembers ‘The Great Passage’ Exists

OMAHA, NE — Anime fan Greg Parker was scrolling through Amazon Prime after rewatching Made in Abyss to see what other anime they had when he was puzzled to find a mysterious anime called The Great Passage.

Briefly believing it was a show he hadn’t heard of, he suddenly recalled it was “that one show where they like write a dictionary,” which had aired in fall of 2016. He then recalled he had wanted to watch the show when it aired, but Amazon Prime never put any episodes up on their video service.

“Wait, now I remember,” Greg said to himself, “They put up the whole series at once, but it was right after they debuted Anime Strike. I pirated all of their other simulcasts in a successful effort to bring them down, but I guess I forgot about this one.”

Greg briefly debated whether he should watch the show now that it was on Amazon Video again, as it did seem like something he would like. He looked the show up on MyAnimeList and found it to have a decent score of 7.68, and ultimately decided to put the show on his plan to watch list.

At press time, Greg has once again forgotten about The Great Passage’s existence.

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