Man Supports Anime Industry By Playing Little Witch Academia Muted in the Background

littlewitch_backgroundUTICA, NY — Anime fan Aaron Foster showed his ardent support for the anime industry this week by streaming Little Witch Academia muted in the background on Netflix while doing other things.

“I watched all of Little Witch Academia on pirate sites when it first came out, but now that the first half has been released on Netflix I’ve made sure to stream it there too,” Foster told Anime Maru. “But I’m not actually in the mood to re-watch it right now, so I just put it on mute and did something else.”

“I’ll usually start it on my computer while playing video games or put it on my PlayStation while streaming  new anime on my laptop. It adds a little to my electric bill but it’s worth it to support the industry,” Foster added.

This is just one example of the great lengths Foster goes to support the industry. “I make sure to stream all new Crunchyroll shows one week after I’ve torrented them, and at some point I’m planning to use my free Anime Strike subscription week to binge stream everything I’ve pirated from there. I’m willing to jump through whatever hoops streaming services want me to as long as I don’t have to pay anything.”

“Do you hear that?” Foster paused to ask our correspondent while pointing to a television in the other room streaming Little Witch Academia legally on Netflix. “That’s the sound of the anime industry being saved.”

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