Man Sure He Will Finish That Anime From Last Season

TROY, NY – Marcus Whitman announced today on Facebook that he will definitely be finishing that anime from last season despite the new season being well under way.

“Yeah, you know I’m half-way through and it seems to be an okay show,” said Whitman. “So I should probably finish, I’m sure I can squeeze it in during the new season at some point.”

Anime Maru asked the otaku if they had finished the series in question.

“Oh yeah, definitely finished it, I’m pretty sure,” claimed Twitter user MALBacklog47. “There was like a big fight or something at the end, right?”

“When it was announced I was really pumped, but a few episodes in I kind of lost interest,” said the Twitter user. “But the shows I’m pumped about for this season are sure to deliver on their greatness!”

For more concrete statistics on the matter, we reached out to Crunchyroll to see how often people completed a series from a prior season once they had fallen behind.

“We can’t reveal those numbers to the public, not even to the most trusted source in real anime news,” stated Crunchyroll General Manager Joanne Waage. “But when we license simulcast anime, we actually only license the first six episodes, and no one has found out yet.”

Whitman told Anime Maru that he felt he would be missing out if he didn’t finish the series.

“Most anime have satisfying endings that you totally appreciate and remember weeks or months later,” said Whitman.

Whitman was last seen attempting to double down on finishing the series by seeing if he could pre-order the limited edition series box Blu-ray box set.

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