Man Unable to Remember if He’s Seen ‘Last Exile’ Due to MyAnimeList Maintenance

Due to currently ongoing maintenance of MyAnimeList, anime fan James Lewis was forced to rack his brain today to recall if he had or hadn’t seen the 2003 anime Last Exile.

James reported that he may or may not have seen Last Exile, but that it would have been over 5 years ago if he had. He had strong memories of certain visual elements such as the airships and the main characters whose names he couldn’t remember, but he was unable to remember a single detail about the show’s plot.

“I know that I definitely didn’t watch the sequel to Last Exile, whatever that was called, either because I wasn’t that into the original, or because I never watched the original in the first place. Or maybe I did actually like the original but thought the new one wouldn’t be as good, I’d have to check what score I gave it on MyAnimeList if I actually watched it.”

James thought he recalled Last Exile having a good female villain, but as he couldn’t remember anything about the villain he thinks he may have just seen her on a list of female anime villains. He also admitted it was possible his visual memories of Last Exile came from watching a reviewbut wouldn’t be able to know for sure until MyAnimeList came back online and he could check whether it was still in his Plan To Watch list.

While James has had multiple prior occasions of not recalling whether he had seen an anime before, this is the first time he has had to deal with MyAnimeList being down during such a crisis.

“I’ve seen so many anime at this point that I need a proper list to cross reference which ones I have and haven’t seen. Just the other day I saw the OP for Concrete Revolutio on Youtube and thought it looked cool, but I looked it up on MyAnimeList and saw I’d already seen it at some point and completely forgot about it. I’ve been meaning to create a backup list on like Hummingbird or something for years, but I’ve watched way too much forgettable crap to recreate it from memory now.”

After reminding himself of Concrete Revolutio‘s existence James decided to check the show’s score ranking on MyAnimeList, before remembering for the 6th time today that the site was down.

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