Man Who Watches Every Seasonal Anime in Crisis Over How to Spend Other 160 Hours per Week

WESCOVILLE, PN — David Lansely sits in his home, dreaming of the dozens of isekai and slice-of-life series that once filled every waking hour of his life. Tears of frustration and disappointment slowly fall from his face onto his Rem hug pillow. Kaguya-sama and Tower of God episodes were running thin. Hamefura was already over. Soon there could be no new anime at all. He tried playing the videos at lower and lower speeds. He tried watching both subs and dubs. He cried a prayer to his waifu, Emilia, but it was no use. Nothing could fill the void the anime drought had left in his soul.

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Starprophet is a few hundred meerkats in the shape of a man, held together by rage and one very charismatic squirrel.