Man Wishes There Was A Convenient Way to Watch Countless Streaming Anime


Anime fan Ethan Adams vented his frustrations this week about being unable to find a convenient way to watch all of his favorite anime and more streaming online

“It’s just so frustrating,” he said aloud to himself, “I love anime, but I have no idea where I can watch more of it. I really wish there was some website that had hundreds of anime streaming that I could watch on my PC, iPhone, Xbox One, Roku, or other convenient devices I may have.”

Ethan admitted that he would even be willing to pay a subscription fee to watch his favorite anime, as long as the video streamed in 1080P, was totally ad-free, and was made available as soon as the anime aired in Japan. However, to make sure the service was right for him, he’d want to have a free trial period of 2 weeks to 30 days, perhaps by entering some sort of promotion code into the website, like

“If there were some sort of service like this, I really wish someone would tell me about it. Maybe I could ask some of the content creators I’m subscribed to on Youtube if they’ve heard about such a website. I doubt I’ll have any luck though, I follow dozens of anime reviewers and Poketubers, and I’ve never heard any of them mention anything like this. I guess such a convenient legal anime streaming website can’t possibly exist.”

“Back to torrenting for me,” Adams concluded.

Ethan also admitted he was frustrated by his inability to find a resource for his other passion, audio books.

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