Manglobe Studio Closure Caused By Supervillain Bankruptcy Baboon


Studio Manglobe announced earlier today that the reason they recently shut down their studios was not due to financial issues as previously believed, but was instead the work of a supervillain named “Bankruptcy Baboon.”

“We couldn’t believe what was happening” Manglobe lead animator told reporters, “Here we were, rendering the final version of Episode 12 of our highly successful show Gangsta when this giant ape in a business suit shows up and starts saying he’s here representing the ‘Free Marmoket.’ By the time we could process what was going on he’d already pulled out a B3A form and used it to slice the character designer Youichi Ueda’s neck.”

Reportedly, Bankruptcy Baboon then used an acid spit attack to “liquidate” Manglobe’s assets, melting down their entire office and destroying all of their money. “We wound up having to fight him using office supplies like staplers and file openers we had around the office. We managed to drive him away, but by that time he’d destroyed everything that would allow us to continue as an animation studio.”

“What was really shocking about the whole thing was how abrupt it all was.” Manglobe lead director Shukou Murase told us, “Up until this point my life was pretty low-key, nothing really eventful happened outside of some everyday drama and comedy. Next thing I know I’m fighting a giant monkey and creating a superhero team to defend myself from a shadowy figure calling itself the Free Marmoket who’s sending super powered animals after me. When your life changes tone like that so quickly it really throws you off.”

Manglobe’s employees may have fended off Bankruptcy Baboon, but they are currently still preparing to fight upcoming enemies such as Dr. Unemployment and Starvation Seal.

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