Many Find $600 Stimulus Not Enough to Buy Essential Weeb Shit

As $600 stimulus relief checks began making their way into the hands of US citizens this week, concerns are growing that the amount is simply not enough to cover essential expenses.

The coronavirus pandemic has been particularly hard on Americans as cases continued to rise throughout the holidays and the economy leaned further into recession territory. With the last stimulus passed by Congress having been distributed back in April, citizens have gone months without assistance. Many have begun calling for further stimulus efforts as indicators point towards $600 as not being nearly enough to cover the cost of impulsive weeb purchases to last anyone through quarantine.

“For a lot of these people, $600 is something they would easily drop in a normal month for essential items like character goods, Blu-rays, figures, and J-pop albums,” economic analyst Robert Dillmore told Anime Maru. “During the pandemic, spending on these items has actually seen an increase as individuals attempt to cope with lockdowns and self-isolation. $600 doesn’t even begin to cover the true cost most people will face and that’s not even considering other expenses that come secondary like food and rent.”

If uneasy weebs are not able to get enough to distract themselves with, it could lead to many being forced to be alone with their own thoughts and feelings, health experts warn. Those without enough assistance might turn to bootlegs or attempt to play gacha games as free-to-play only, only leading to further feelings of frustration.

“I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the rest of this month,” stated Daniel Watkins, who immediately donated his all of his $600 to VTuber streamers. “I’ve already had to cut back a lot on my gacha rolls and have missed several seasonal events.”

Support has grown behind efforts to raise the stimulus package to $2000, which activists say would go much further in helping financially hurting individuals. Others have argued that even greater efforts are necessary and that a $2000 stimulus to be reoccurring every month, at least until weebs are able to safety resume their financially destructive lifestyle of traveling to Japan and going to conventions again.

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