MAPPA Accidentally Hires Yoko Ono to Compose Soundtrack for Zankyou no Terror


TOKYO, Japan — Representatives from animation studio MAPPA announced earlier this week that the company had accidentally contracted Yoko Ono to compose the soundtrack for this summer’s anime Zankyou no Terror. The announcement came after fans expressed confusion towards the first episode, which featured soundtracks composed of random instrumentals, wailing, and otherwise unrelated noises.

The statement claimed that the show’s producers confused the singer-songwriter for Yoko Kanno, whose portfolio includes the scores for Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, Sakamichi no Apollon, and Macross Plus.

“Come on, it’s an easy mistake to make,” the statement read in part. “Wait, which one was married to John Lennon again?”

Sources close to the studio report that MAPPA will most likely keep the soundtrack for Zankyou no Terror as-is, hoping Ono’s avant-garde experimental pop rock will appeal to someone, somewhere out there.

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