Mari Ohara of ‘Love Live Sunshine’ to Play Joker in New Batman Movie


Warner Brothers announced today that Mari Ohara from Love Live Sunshine was cast as the infamous Joker in the upcoming Batman movie alongside Ben Affleck.

Scripts and movie clips are still being closely guarded but leaks have discussed Ohara playing devilish little jokes which include blowing up hospitals, killing innocent civilians, and fondling the breasts of the caped crusader, and then claiming that “it’s joke.” Whether or not this version of the Batsuit will have nipples as it did in Batman Forever has yet to be confirmed.

The casting came as a surprise to many Hollywood insiders, who expected YouTube personality Dennis Cee to be approached for the role.

As of press time, pre-release tickets among anime fans have been in the record numbers, as many Love Live!-related events tend to be.

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