Your Takes — First Presidential Debate

The first Presidential debate of the 2016 campaign took place Monday night and has set the country abuzz. We talked to some anime fans to gain the perspective of the anime community.

If I wanted to watch 60 minutes of someone yelling, I would have just put on Dragon Ball Z.


Can we get one of those student council presidents that you see in anime be President instead? If we are going to be ruled by fascism, I’d rather it’d be Satsuki-sama than Donald Trump.

Fist of the A*

This is a review of just the first episode and I will update this as more debates come out. I thought Donald Trump was really annoying and rude, but Hillary was really cocky and thought she knew everything. The moderator Lester Holt also didn’t do anything to control the topic and keep the candidates on track. Also the pacing is bad. Overall, this debate is a disaster, the worst I’ve ever seen. 7/10.



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