Your Takes — Kiznaiver

Anime fans around the world have reaffirmed yesterday Trigger could never make a bad anime. We attended a local convention to ask fans what they had to say about the new anime.

What does that even mean? Kiznaiver? I don’t know. Yes I am watching Trigger’s new show. Luluco is fantastic!

Alice in Yanderland

Kiznaiver is awesome. It’s definitely not just some 999/Danganronpa rip-off. It’s so much more. I wouldn’t expect casuals like you to understand the subtle complexities of the brilliant show. Kiznaiver is a masterful display of genius undertones that make Neon Genisis Evangelion look like Mobile Suit Gundam. Frankly, if they released an escape-style game based of this anime, I’d buy it as soon as possible.


Trigger has done nothing but good work. Well, Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de doesn’t count, it wasn’t an original series by them. And joke anime like Ninja Slayer don’t count either. Actually, the only things Trigger has ever done has been Kill La Kill and Little Witch Academia. So yes, nothing but spectacular work.



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