Your Takes — Pharrell’s Anime-Themed Music Video

The official music video for “It Girl“, the final track on Pharrell’s hit album G I R L hit the internet earlier this week, causing a burst of popularity especially from the anime community due to its anime aesthetic and references to visual novels. What do you have to say? (story via Wired)

Wow. I have to admit, I’m pretty “Happy” that Pharrell is expressing himself in a video that has “Blurred Lines” between fantasy and reality. The crazy colors and sparkling effects of this video makes me “Gush” with joy and th-


Wait this is the AMV I made in seventh grade HOW DID THIS GET OUT?


It appears that rap, hip-hop, and R&B has run out of real women to objectify in their videos and have moved on to doing so with animated women. This video glorifies a disturbing trend of the gamification of approaching women (which by extension is equivalent of rape). Shame on the society that promotes this vile misogynistic, pedophilic filth (though to his credit at least Pharrell chose the right girl; Yoshicchi is mad kawaii).

The Fedoram@ster

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