ME!ME!ME! Video revealed as Elaborate Plot to Annoy Everyone


TOKYO, Japan – The Animator Expo video short “ME!ME!ME!”, which has sparked waves of discussion in the anime community in the past week, has been exposed as a pointless hoax to intentionally annoy everyone.

Internal memos and email exchanges exposed by Japan’s Kyo Shinbun newspaper show that producers scoured social media and anime forums looking for the most common sources of annoyance, and synthesized them into the 7-minute music video by TeddyLoid.

“We need bouncing breasts and accessories covering as little of the body as we can muster. There also needs to be an excessive amount of bodily fluids. That’ll really piss off a lot of people lol,” one memo reads.

An leaked storyboard contained the annotation, “we went through a lot getting TeddyLoid on board, so we want to turn the dial to 11 on the flashing colors.”

Another memo detailed the stylistic influences most likely to cause internet outrage: “What if we made it so it looks like there was some deeper meaning left up to interpretation? Throw and Evangelion and Monogatari in there just for kicks.”

“Are you sure that isn’t going a bit too far?” another producer allegedly replied, “after all, we don’t want Akiba to burn to the ground. Again.”

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