Mexico Fans Rip World Cup for Not Being Faithful to the Manga


FORTALEZA, Brazil — Fans of the Mexican National Team were up in arms late Sunday after their side’s heartbreaking defeat to the Netherlands in the Round of 16. After taking a 1-0 lead, late goals by Dutchmen Sneijder and Huntelaar eliminated El Tri from the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Carlos Meneres, who has been following the Mexican National Team for the past decade, characterized Mexico’s World Cup campaign as ‘disappointing’.

“We were supposed to hold on and make is all the way to the World Cup Finals, losing a close match to Germany,” said Meneres.

“And in that loss, we realize that though we did not win the World Cup, we found strength and honor from within, and Mexican football earns the respect of the world that day.”

In the manga Flying Eagle, Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa successfully saved Wesley Sneijder’s shot from the edge of the penalty area and Mexico hangs on to defeat the Netherlands 1-0. After a chapter of flashbacks during their win over Costa Rica, star striker Javier Hernandez overcomes his mental block and scores three goals against arch-rivals United States to propel Mexico into the final.

Mexican fans are not alone in their criticism of the World Cup, English and Spanish fans have also complained about the differences between the events of this World Cup and the manga.

“This FIFA World Cup adaptation has completely butchered the manga,” an irate fan told Anime Maru. “Killing off Spain in the first round? Introducing original characters like Costa Rica and USA in the elimination stages? Does anyone care about faithfulness to the source material anymore?”

With the direction the current tournament is going, it appears that Meneres and other manga fans will have to wait four more years for another adaptation.

“At least this is better than Attack on Titan,” Meneres added.

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