Midwestern Mom Still Can’t Pronounce ‘Naruto’


The long-running shounen manga Naruto finally comes to an end in a few weeks. As half the anime community breaks out the peppermint schnapps to celebrate and the other half huddles in a corner and tries to convince themselves it isn’t true, 28-year-old Devin Matthews laments an entirely different issue.

“So someone tipped off my mother and now she’s calling me, asking me if I was aware that… ugh… ‘Nay-rah-to’… was ending soon”, he told Anime Maru this week.

The call evidently caused Matthews to suddenly recall all of the instances during his adolescent years in which his mother repeatedly mispronounced the name of the series. At one point, she mistakenly believed the series was about a snowboarder, Matthews divulges.

“Like yeah, I know he wears an orange jumpsuit with a fur collar but… gah, you have no idea how many times I had to tell her he was a ninja”, he reports. No matter how many times he would correct her, she would still make the same mistake.

“I started suspecting she was doing it on purpose. Ya know? To get back on me for choosing anime club over soccer.”

His mother also recently uploaded his old cosplay photos to her Facebook account. Devin’s account has since been deleted.

“I don’t even know why I care anymore, I stopped reading Naruto ages ago. I’ve moved on to real anime, like… I dunno, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni or Utawarerumono… Oh please don’t tell my mom, she’d probably have a brain aneurysm trying to pronounce those…”, he concludes.

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