Modest Anime Fan Politely Calls Show ‘Watashi no Hero Academia’

WILSON, NC — Hoping not to come off as too casual or direct in a formal setting, local student Derek Finnegan has referred to the popular superhero action franchise as “Watashi no Hero Academia“.

Finnegan, 20, was attending an anime club meeting at Barton College when he was asked what shows he enjoyed. Since it was his first time attending the meeting, Finnegan found himself surrounded by people unfamiliar to him. He acutely responded, “Watashi no Hero Academia“.

According to reports, Finnegan was sociable and friendly. By the end of the two hour meeting, he began referring to the anime and manga as Boku no Hero Academia.

“I got to meet lots of people with similar interests tonight and I really want to get to know these people more,” Finnegan tells Anime Maru. “Perhaps one day I can say Ore no Hero Academia.”

When asked for other anime he enjoyed, Finnegan reportedly responded “Jibun no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.”

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