Moe, Manime Fans Come Together in Heartwarming Christmas Truce

Manimist and moeist forces engage in a game of chinpo!o in what is left of Akihabara

Manimist and moeist forces engage in a game of chinpo!o in what is left of Akihabara

TOKYO, Japan — In what observers described as a Christmas miracle, moe and manime fans agreed to a temporary ceasefire to celebrate the holiday together in the neutral territory of their Akihabara battlefield.

Although these two groups have long harbored hostility towards one another, they managed to coexist nonviolently for most of their history. This uneasy peace came to an end in 2009, when manime officials accused then-airing K-ON! of being the cancer that was killing anime. Moests, perceiving this as an act of aggression, declared war on the manimists shortly thereafter, triggering a complicated series of mutual defense pacts, pulling groups such as yuri and battle shounen fans into the fray.

Although the war has been fought on multiple fronts across the world, the Tokyo neighborhood of Akihabara has been hit the hardest. Although a longtime haven of moe, the manime coalition has turned the area into a contested territory. As a major battleground, it has been burnt to the ground countless times during the war.

Perhaps it was fitting, then, that it was in the ashes of Akihabara where soldiers gave the world a symbol of hope for peace within our lifetimes. In a heartwarming act of compassion, soldiers from both sides agreed to lay down their arms and meet in the no man’s land between their trenches for an evening of Christmas cheer. The enemy combatants celebrated the spirit of the season by singing their favorite OP’s, exchanging gifts of Pocky and Nendoroids, and even organizing a spontaneous match of chinpo!o.

Although people across the world have celebrated the truce as a sign of hope for the future, moe officials cautioned that the cease-fire was unlikely to have a long-term impact on the groups’ icy diplomatic relations.

“Don’t get the wrong idea,” one high-ranking moeist official said. “This is just because it’s Christmas, and we happened to have some extra rations. It’s not like we like them or anything.”

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