Monogatari Cosplaying Contest Results in Multiple Neck Injuries

Some terrible waifu in a neck brace

STATE COLLEGE, PA – Paramedics were called to the scene at Setsucon yesterday when several cosplayers reportedly injured themselves during a costume contest.

The overall theme was to dress up as characters from the popular Monogatari series, a slew of light novels penned by Nisio Isin adapted into an anime by the renown Studio SHAFT. The incident occurred when contestants, in an attempt to impress the judges, attempted the famous “head tilt”, a peculiar gesture that frequently recurs in the anime.


The head tilt demonstrated by Kaiki Deishu, a character more interesting than 90% of anime

Shortly after, several attendees complained of severe neck pains while others found themselves unable to move their heads at all. Paramedics arrived shortly to administer medical care. By the end of the day, three people were hauled off to the hospital for urgent medical attention, while seven others were treated for minor muscle injuries.

“Negligence serves as the blame here”, remarks Dr. Anri Torres, a physician involved with the case. She assures that the ‘head tilt’ is mostly harmless and is ideal for light aerobics. “However, improper technique and a lack of stretching combined with sudden muscle movements pose a high risk for injury”, adds Dr. Torres. “This is exacerbated by the fact that the victims were mostly unfit and were typically the kind of people who rarely exercised”.

Dr. Torres recommends an average of 2-3 hours of moderate exercise per week.

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