‘Monster Hunter: World’ PC Modders Have Already Completed Dating Sim Add-On

Hours after the highly anticipated release of Monster Hunter: World on PC, a mod that adds a dating-simulation component to the popular action role-playing game is already available on the Steam Workshop.

Along with a huge volume of mods already created by the enthusiastic Monster Hunter community within 24 hours of the game being released on Steam. Along with the standard slew of fan-made bug fixes, weapon cosmetics, and general quality of life improvements, the most buzz is surrounding a miraculous total conversion mod, changing the core game play from that of a action RPG to that of a dating simulator.

After installing the mod, many users were surprised to discover the gameplay involves dating the iconic monsters of the series themselves.

“I’m not furry, but the first time I saw Rathian, I fell in love,” LuvHuntah, the author of the mod, told Anime Maru. “I’ve never actually played any of the previous games, as they are all way too hard, but knew it rested on someone like me to protect these kind, gentle, virtual creatures, and with Monster Hunter: World finally releasing on PC, this gives me that opportunity.”

The mod aims to remove the in-depth combat and stat system with a traditional visual novel style interface, while still incorporating the iconic Monster Hunter aesthetics. The 14 varied weapon archetypes have now become “Flirting Styles” and other standard equipment (such as armor, mantles and charms) bestowing a variety of positive or negative buffs, depending on which monster the user is attempting to court. The food system has also seen a drastic overhaul, with the combination of various ingredients now determining the outcomes of various “date events” the player is now able to take the monsters on.

When asked as to whether his project would expand to include the function of being able to date the player’s Palico, LuvHuntah explained that he didn’t think there would be a big audience for a feature such as that.

“Who would want to date a cat? That’s fucking weird.”

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