Most Experienced Candidate for Demon Lord Passed Over for Human Teen

DEMON KINGDOM, Underworld — Soulcrusher Smith, widely considered to be the best candidate to become the new Demon Lord, has been passed over for the role, according to a news release from the Demon Government. They announced their chosen candidate as human teen Sai Yuto, who has no previous experience in the Demon Kingdom.

“There were many worthy candidates for the role of Demon Lord, both in the Demon Kingdom and in Japan,” explained Kingdom official Gama Tenma. “Ultimately, the clear choice based on our strict criteria was human teen Sai Yuto, a 15-year-old who has never been to the Demon Kingdom, never kissed a girl, and is a bit of an otaku.”

Soulcrusher Smith seemed reflective when he heard the news.

“I’ve accomplished a lot in my career including subjugating the Yokai Alliance, removing entirely from existence the 8th Continent, and corrupting 8 million souls along with 5 human orphans,” said Smith. “So I felt qualified. I’m sure whoever got the role must have had a strong resume as well.”

The new demon lord, Yuto, is a recent transfer student to elite high school Demon Prep. Little is known about Yuto from before he transferred into the school, but insiders have praised him for his reliability and performance among young male voters.

“That weak-looking transfer student Sai is the new demon lord?” said 3rd year student Kumo Toko. “He keeps acting like he doesn’t know any of our customs. It’s lucky for him the hottest and most powerful girls in school are hanging out with him for some reason.”

Anime Maru reached out to the demon government on the choice of Sai Yuto for Demon Lord. Representatives were unwilling to officially comment on the matter, but expressed confidence that Yuto wouldn’t face a grisly death like the last 12 human teens chosen to be demon lord in the past month.

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