‘My Hero Academia’ Shirt Deemed Acceptable for Social Event

GRAND FORKS, ND — After much deliberation, Cameron Dyson, 20, has ultimately decided to wear a T-shirt featuring Midoriya Izuku from My Hero Academia to his sister’s graduation party.

According to reports acquired by Anime Maru, Dyson reasoned that the design of the shirt was subtle enough as to not draw extra attention, and that the event would be casual enough that wearing a graphic tee would likely not be an issue.

Dyson would have reconsidered his outfit if the party was formal enough to be “serving those fancy cheeses on sticks”, or if the expected attendees were older, sources state. Dyson also added that, “My Hero Academia is cool now, anyway,” and that he wears anime shirts casually with his friends all the time.

After reaching out to Dyson’s parents and sister, it appears that Cameron’s decision to wear a My Hero Academia has been deemed acceptable enough for the social gathering.

“I don’t see a problem if Cameron wants to wear one of his Naruto shirts,” stated Dyson’s mother. “It’s more of a casual party and his friends seem to express an interest in it at least.”

The shirt has, so far, gone over fairly smoothly compared to prior events. Dyson’s clothing choices have come under additional scrutiny in the last few months thanks to an unfortunate incident involving an ahegao shirt at a wedding.

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