‘My Hero Academia’ World Suffering Severe Shortage of Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Musicians, Bloggers, Dog Walkers, and Non-Heroes

The latest labor statistics out of the world of My Hero Academia suggests that a wide range of crucial jobs remain unfilled, with a severe shortage of teachers, doctors, lawyers, musicians, bloggers, dog walkers, sign holders, astrologists, and many other critical non-hero roles. Shortages were found to be in essentially all job types except for heroes and villains.

“With 80 percent of the population having a quirk that gives a superpower, the population as a whole generally sees hero as the only desirable career path, with villain as a backup,” explained Hakura Kai, a part time hero whose quirk is powered up by engaging in plot exposition.

“Even within the 20 percent of the population that are quirkless, many idiots still try to be heroes despite aptitude in other desperately needed job fields,” Kai added before proceeding to engage in a battle with an enemy immediately afterward, leveling most of the block in the process.

City officials report significant damage done to buildings and infrastructure with each battle, while relief for the devastation is often not so forthcoming. Many witnesses injured in conflicts are often left to wait for weeks on medical wait lists for critical treatment.

“There is no one to clean up the damage after all these battles,” stated local bartender Mizu Hirano. “You see signs all over town soliciting people to apply for open and unfilled jobs in cleanup and repair. My bar was almost leveled just last week. I would get insurance, but I don’t even know if there are any insurance workers in this part of town.”

The Ministry of Health, Welfare, Labor and Research was contacted for comment on this labor crisis, but only an answering machine was reached saying that all officials had left for the day to attend a training program to break into the substitute sidekick industry.

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