‘My Next Life in 2020: All Routes Lead to Doom!’ Series Arriving Later This Year

Studio Silver Link has announced that a new anime series titled My Next Life in 2020: All Routes Lead to Doom! will be premiering later this year.

The story revolves around a student from the future studying the 2020’s for her modern history exam. After dozing off during a particularly exhausting study session, the protagonist awakens to find that she has been reincarnated into a young adult named Katherine Claus living in the United States in the year 2020. Using the knowledge from her former life, Katherine must attempt to survive the various disastrous events of the year.

The task won’t be easy for Katherine who will have to face many challenges starting with a global pandemic that greatly disrupts modern society, putting much of the country into lockdown as medical professionals scramble to respond with insufficient resources. The situation only becomes more dire later in the year with police brutality running rampant as riots and protests erupt across the country.

Katherine continuously tries to avoid any event that might spell her doomful end including the murder hornet outbreak of summer 2020 and a particularly bad hurricane season that hits the Atlantic coast with multiple tropical storms. Economic volatility continues to follow the rest of the year, finally leading up to a highly polarized presidential election between two aging candidates.

My Next Life in 2020: All Routes Lead to Doom! is currently planned to release in the fall season of this year although producers have mentioned that due to the ever-changing source material that delays were still possible in order to incorporate more additions into the story.

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