MyAnimeList Adds Japanese High School PowerPoints to Database as Legitimate Anime

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Debates have sparked in the past week over the definition of anime after MyAnimeList began listing Japanese high schoolers’ PowerPoint presentations in their database of anime.

“People argue a lot over the definition of anime, but it’s really very simple,” a spokesperson posted in an official site update. “Anime is animation made in Japan by Japanese creators for Japanese audiences. The only qualification is that it’s Japanese animation, and what is animation but a series of still images strung together and presented on a screen? We feel PowerPoint fit this qualification, as long as they are made by Japanese people.”

“People say animation needs the illusion of movement, but honestly most anime aren’t much better animated than these PowerPoint presentations. Some anime have considerably fewer frames than the average PowerPoint, actually. I mean, look at the average episode of Dragon Ball Super; are you really convinced that those characters are actually moving?”

Many users have defended the change. One comment read: “Japanese PowerPoint presentations are way better than the ones high schoolers make here in America, they’re more professional I’d say, more adult. I’m particularly a fan of Kosei Saito’s ‘Hiroshima’s Restructuring Following World War II’ and Miyo Inoue’s ‘Hon no Shokai: The Count of Monte Cristo.”

MyAnimeList has also added PowerPoint presentations used in anime studio meetings to pitch anime to investors, which have proven to be better on the whole than the anime they were created to pitch.

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