MyAnimeList Scores Dramatically Decrease As Users Realize They Can Give Scores Lower Than 5

MAL scores

The average MyAnimeList score dropped dramatically this week when users realized that the system allows for scores lower than 5. Users who had previously been operating on 5-10 score systems were shocked to learn that MAL actually possesses the option to give an anime a 4 or lower.

“I’d never actually seen an average score lower than 6 myself,” said user animefan789, “but one day I was checking the Mars of Destruction page and noticed its score had dropped to 2.54. I wasn’t sure how this was possible, so I checked the options and saw that there were actually four choices beneath 5.”

Reporters were shocked to learn that many users were unaware there was even an option to rate lower than 7. “I’d always just assumed that MAL used a four point scale, like with those star reviews you’d see on Roger Ebert’s website,” said user Watashinai. “I’d never questioned why the system started with 7, I figured it just sounded better.”

Armed with this new knowledge of MAL’s rating system, many users are making serious changes to their lists. “I hated Glasslip when it was airing, but I gave it a 5 because I thought that was as low as the system went,” user Mangalingus said. “Now that I know that I can rank things lower, I can give it the awful score it deserves.”

In related news, anime fans with sticks up their butts still have not realized that giving a 10 to an anime does not necessarily mean that it has to be perfect and that not using the rating basically makes a 9 the equivalent of a 10.

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