MyAnimeList User Admits He’s More of a List-Making Fan than an Anime Fan


MyAnimeList user SuckMyListicles admitted to Anime Maru reporters that he uses MyAnimeList less because he actually enjoys anime and more because he really enjoys making lists.

“Personally, I’ve been a fan of lists since childhood, I loved watching those MTV best music lists and AFI best film lists on TV as I grew up. When it came to making lists of my own, I searched around for a good topic to work with until I discovered MyAnimeList, and from there I started watching anime so I could start to fill out my list. It never really needed to be anime for me, I’m not particularly drawn to it, but there’s not really another website like MyAnimeList for things other than anime. Television, books, music, nothing, just anime, so it was kind of inevitable that I’d wind up going down that road.”

“Anime offers so many wonderful opportunities to make lists. I’ve made all sorts of lists over the years. Obviously I rank all of my anime in a gigantic list in terms of quality, but I also make best anime character lists, best anime OP lists, best individual anime episode lists, all sorts of things, and then worst versions of each list as well. It’s really therapeutic making a good list.”

“Honestly, I don’t even really like anime itself that much, most of it is just flat-out terrible. But each season I watch every single show that airs so that I’m able to add it to the list, that way I can also make comprehensive season lists four times a year. My list is well over 500 anime at this point and I’m pretty proud of it, it’s probably my greatest accomplishment.”

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