Nature Valley Inspires ‘Granola: The Animation’

Granola The Animation

The newfound popularity of Nature Valley brand granola bars among anime fans has spawned a new anime series. According to the popular Japanese blog “Moe Moe Sugoi Sugoi”, studio A-1 is currently working on a new show titled “Granola: The Animation“, which is scheduled to air this fall on Toyko MX.

GuranoAni tells the story of Hazama Minori (谷自然), a college student working as a social media intern for a granola bar company, and her journey to find a place in the world and build a career in the new internet economy.

“Minori symbolizes the strong, modern woman,” said director Kagayama Toshi, “she eats healthy, is college educated, and is pursuing a career in the emerging field of social media marketing. She is also very scantily clad,” he added with a somewhat unnecessary and creepy smile.

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