Nendoroid Collector Laughing Stock of Figurine Collecting Convention

nendoroid_plebLOS ANGELES, CA — Shocked and embarrassed, avid figurine collector Glen W. was laughed out yesterday from the 12th annual Anime Figure Collectors’ Convention.

Showing up with a hysterical and pitiful collection of nothing but Nendoroids, Glen was immediately met with waves of laughs, jeers, and flat-out mockery among collectors and distributors alike. As he tried to interact with fellow collectors, he soon found that most of the community had snubbed him for his tastes in figures.

We talked to some patrons and distributors who had this to say:

What a riot! This was totally the highlight of my week! it started out as a normal day: I got up after a wonderful night’s rest sleeping with my Kirino body pillow, brushed my teeth with my limited-edition Evangelion Toothbrush Kit™, and after a hearty breakfast of toast, had my mom drive me down to the convention while I successfully dodged her nagging about when I would go to college and get a job, only to find upon arriving that some giant loser brought in his lame-ass collection of Nendos! It was hysterical! Of course I immediately mocked him for being the giant loser that he is for thinking that we collectors even register nendos as real figs! He could learn a thing or two from my impressive collection of scales that I bought with my birthday and allowance money…

-Will T.


I had just got done successfully removing the apron off of a blonde child vampire girl, despite it not being a cast-off, when I saw this weirdo stroll in trying to pass off his normie collection of nendos as a real figure collection. Of course I laughed at him and how strange his collection was.  I told my girlfriend (my bikini Asuna figure) about this weird guy and we had a good laugh, or course after I posed her to look like she was laughing…

-Jeremy S.


This statement has been delayed until November 2018



Glen was last reported seen spending all his time at the Good Smile Company booth.

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