Netflix Documentary ‘Enter the Anime’ Now Officially Anime, According to Netflix

LOS GATOS, CA – Earlier today, Netflix announced that their anime documentary Enter the Anime is now officially anime, according to a press release sent to anime news publications in addition to Anime News Network.

“We engaged in a rigorous review process, examining in depth what has previously been classified as anime on Netflix to determine that Enter the Anime meets our exacting standards for what anime is,” stated Netflix in its press release. “The algorithm also kind of stuck it there and we don’t really know how to override it, so it must be right!”

Anime Maru reached out to the makers of Enter the Anime to get their reaction to the news.

“We set out to figure out what this whole anime thing was, talking to a wide-range of anime creators and visionaries who just so happen to all have shows streaming currently on Netflix,” said director Alex Burunova. “And now we find out that we were the anime the whole time. That has to be a satisfying conclusion to all anime fans.”

“Wait, the documentary counts as anime now?” said documentary narrator Tania Nolan. “I’m not an expert on anime, but I agree and hope to narrate future things on Netflix. Hopefully I can narrate a future sequel about top anime like Castelvania or the live-action Cowboy Bebop or whatever.”

At press time, Anime Maru received word that Disney+ announced that they had decided on a classification of anime for their films Big Hero 6, Lilo & Stitch, and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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