BREAKING: Netflix “Originals” Revealed to be Stolen Anime Series


In the last several months, American multinational entertainment company Netflix has quietly entered the anime industry, with several “Netflix Original” anime being released over a relatively short amount of time. But stunning new reports from undercover investigators are claiming that that several of these “Original” anime are not original at all. According to the investigation, Netflix Original Anime including Knights of Sidonia, Ajin: Demi-Human, and Glitter Force among others have been discovered not to be created by Netflix but instead anime series in disguise.

“This is a shock to all of us here at Netflix.” The streaming service’s PR stated, “If we knew that these shows weren’t 100% original, then we never would have labeled it like that. People subscribe to our service to see original productions, and not our minuscule selection of licensed series. ”

At the moment, four of Netflix’s Original Series have been revealed to be former anime series. This has cast doubt on other Original Series, such as Netflix’s new Voltron series, which bears an uncanny likeness to the critically acclaimed anime GoLion.

Netflix subscribers are naturally upset over these revelations. Many of their users are jumping ship to Hulu Plus which touts itself as having “less shitty anime than Netflix”. But with the dozens of generic shonen anime available on Hulu, it would seem that there is still no good streaming site for anime ever since Crunchyroll lost its Crunch.

“I didn’t pay for this site just for repackaged programs that I could download illegally for free.” Netflix user BongMaster420 writes.

Netflix plans on taking down the series from their original selection, placing them snugly between Sword Art Online and Full Metal Alchemist in the garbage section of their site, where they belong.

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