Netflix Threatens Live Action Code Geass Movie Unless Demands Met


LOS GATOS, CA — American entertainment and media streaming giant Netflix announced today that they have begun the development of a live action adaptation of the popular Japanese anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. The company has set up a Kickstarter for $25 million dollars and threatened to release the movie if initiative goes unfunded.

“We have acquired the license, hired a shitty director, and begun casting C-list actors,” the official statement read in part. “You have one month to raise $250 million dollars or Code Geass: The Rebellion Chronicles, a Netflix Original, will be available streaming on all platforms.”

The timing of the announcement — immediately after the release of Netflix’s live action Death Note movie– has confirmed theories that the Death Note movie was merely a warning shot.

“I can’t believe we didn’t see this coming all along, of course Netflix didn’t think people would like the live action Death Note movie,” media studies director Earl Paulsen told Anime Maru. “No one in their right mind would enjoy that garbage, but it’s not just garbage: it’s weaponized garbage.”

Paulsen speculates that in the future, Netflix may regularly extort fans with media that no one wants. There are already rumors in place about a forthcoming live action Bakemonogatari movie.

“Let Death Note be a warning to you,” Netflix spokesperson Madelyn Miller told the assembled press. “We know what series are popular, we know what you like. Submit now, and we will spare the franchises you love. Resist, and Code Geass will join Death NotePretty CureLittle Witch Academia, and Sound Eu– oops ignore that last part I’m not supposed to say that yet.”

In the first day, funding for not releasing the live action Code Geass movie has reached $120,000. Netflix officials are allegedly displeased with the rate, and threatened to release details about the movie for each day the Kickstarter was not funded.

Accordingly, the company announced that the role of the British Empire in the original anime has been replaced by the United States, and Lelouch has been renamed ‘Louis’ and is the angsty teenage son of the United States President.

As of press time, funding for the project has jumped to $18 million.


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