New Anime About High School Girls Paying Attention in Class Green-Lit


According to industry sources, Class-Time, a new original anime from Silver Link, has been green-lit. The anime will focus on the daily lives of four girls who attend high school. Instead of focusing on after school club activities or random conversations during lunch, the show will focus on the girls attending class and paying attention to lessons.

“We want to show the audience something that no other anime is showing: high school course material,” series director Oonuma Shin told Anime Maru. According to information released to the media, the first episode will feature 20 minutes of a second-year precalculus lecture, and feature shots of the pink-haired protagonist Hashiwara Ayumi (CV: Minase Inori) sitting quietly in her desk and taking notes.

Other announced characters include Yamada Saji (CV: Yasuno Kiyono), a glasses-wearing bookworm who loves literature; Norigawa Koko (CV: Yamashita Nanami), a twintailed tsundere character bad at math; and Serizawa Akane (CV: Kanemoto Hisako), an energetic sporty girl who struggles academically.

At press time, Oonuma hinted that instead of beach or hot springs episodes, the show will supply plenty of yuri fanservice during study sessions instead.

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