New Anime Announcement Tests Limits of How Far the Little Sister Concept Can Go

Kadokawa made an official announcement that its latest anime adaptation would be based on the light novel series Ore ga Suki Nano wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto ja nai. Written by Seiji Ebisu, the series centers around a younger sister and an older brother character. Still in middle school, the younger sister secretly writes a light novel about a little sister character who is a light novel author who writes a light novel about a little sister who is extremely devoted to her older brother who happens to be a light novel author. After the novel unexpectedly wins an award, the little sister sets up her older brother as the author of the story instead causing all sorts of misunderstandings to occur.

The latest entry in the borderline incest “sibling romantic comedy” genre is set to shake up the concept of anime little sisters, according to publisher Kadokawa, by offering multiple levels of mind-bending imouto action. Fans seemed excited by the announcement of the light novel adaptation although none would directly admit it.

“What now Tsukasa Fushima?” author Seiji Ebisu declared at a recent promotional event. “Eromanga Sensei‘s got nothing on this!”

Kadokawa has already anticipated the show to be its next major hit title with plans to support the show with a wide variety of merchandise including art books, posters, figures, limited edition Blu-rays with mildly suggestive covers, and questionable T-shirts.

“This show looks absolutely terrible,” anime fan Richard Hoffman told Anime Maru as he added the show to his plan-to-watch list. “I’m not sure why they keep making these things.”

Fans can look forward to the release of the awkward romantic comedy later this year. Not least to be outdone, competing anime project Alice or Alice Siscon Nii-san to Futago no Imouto was also announced to be premiering this spring which has promised to offer “double the imouto for double the fun” for those who think they still haven’t sunk low enough.

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