New Anime Fan Watches Neon Genesis Evangelion for the First Time

NAPERVILLE, IL — Two weeks after being introduced to anime by his friend, high school senior Travis Grant has discovered and completed the 1995 Gainax anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hailing the show as “the greatest animation” he has ever seen, Grant was eager to share his experience.

“I thought the robot fighting was really cool and the characters really came alive,” Grant told Anime Maru. When asked about the final few episodes Grant stated, “the ending was really deep and touched me at an emotional level. I really liked the unique storytelling style.”

“I can really connect with Shinji and his struggles in life, especially towards the end,” continued Grant, who lives with both parents in an upper middle class community in suburban Illinois.

Grant recently chose the anime as the topic of an English assignment, titling the paper “A Psychoanalysis of Characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion“. Two entire paragraphs are spent detailing the anime’s references to Christianity.

“There’s just so much to this show that I don’t think people appreciate,” said Grant. “If you really look closely, there are a lot of references and deep meaning.”

“Have you seen Neon Genesis Evangelion yet?” Grant asked our Anime Maru correspondent.

At press time, Grant’s friends have stopped sitting with him at lunch.

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