New Anime is Nothing But Schoolgirls Greeting Each Other

10-19-2014 6-18-21 PM

Among this season’s slate of anime one can find the new show Mainichi DAYS, a slice of life 4-koma adaptation composed entirely of girls in high school exchanging pleasantries with each other.

The show begins as the main protagonist, Hana, arrives at school and is greeted by her friend Chiaki.

“Hana-san, ohaiyo!” Chaiki says to Hana.

“Chiaki-chan, ohaiyo gozaimasu,” Hana responds.

Hana then continues towards her classroom while being greeted by various other characters. The episode then continues in this fashion for approximately 20 more minutes, highlighting the experiences of various girls going about their daily lives, greeting each other, blushing, and responding in a culturally appropriate yet friendly manner.

As of press time, Anime News Network has identified Mainichi DAYS as one of this season’s most promising shows.

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