New Anime-Planet Can Potentially Sustain Life, Scientists Claim


An artist’s rendition of the newly discovered Anime-Planet

SANTA CRUZ, CA — Astronomers browsing the internet at the University of California Santa Cruz announced the discovery of a redesigned Anime-Planet website so close to Earth that it is visible to the naked eye. While scientists are unable to study the atmosphere or composition of the planet, it has the right size and layout to potentially support life.

“The new Anime-Planet has features that are fundamental for for supporting a living anime community, such as a sleek design, access to streaming anime and manga, and proper distance from its parent star,” lead researcher Jean Dusfrene told Anime Maru.

Researchers hint that liquid water, oxygen, and free HD anime may already be present on Anime-Planet.

“We don’t know too much about Anime-Planet yet, but what little we do know is very exciting,” noted Richard Tweller, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Northern Arizona. “Anime-Planet is not too hot, not too cold, and could potentially have a forum or customizable profile pages.”

Though the findings are promising, scientists admit this is only a small step in the search for intelligent life on an anime website.

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