New Anime Season to Feature ‘Zoom Academia’

Studio Trigger has announced the series Zoom Academia for the summer anime season according to a press release. The series will focus on the wacky hijinks and romance in a high school that has moved all instruction and school activities to the online teleconferencing application Zoom.

“We are excited to start a series on the latest trend sweeping the world, only seeing other people through Zoom,” said director Yoh Yoshinari. “You’ll find a lovely cast of high school students ready to entertain you in a very realistic Zoom environment. You’ll fall in love with this series before the first dropped call due to a weak internet connection!”

“We’ll be bringing you all of your favorite high school events in a new and exciting Zoom format!” said screenwriter Kimik Ueno. “You can look forward to seeing our plucky, but klutzy, heroine who never remembers to put mute on or sometimes mistakenly leaves her Zoom background set to some ecchi scene. Will she ever get to have her window next to the window of her crush? You’ll have to watch and see!”

We talked to an actual high schooler as to how they felt about this newly announced series.

“I’m excited to see whether the lead will decide to join a club and go to a club Zoom meeting after school or to be part of the going home club instead, leaving the school Zoom to hang out with her friends in another Zoom room,” said Braxton Sutter. “Now all my free time can be spent looking at Zoom screens too!”

Representatives from Zoom Video Communications expressed their great support for the series.

“We were so happy to partner with Studio Trigger on this series, showing all the excitement and kawaii that Zoom can deliver,” said Zoom president Eric Yuan. “Zoom can be such a magical place. I’d say it is like we’ve all done an ‘isekai’ to another wonderful world!”

In an update during press, Studio Trigger has clarified that the anime will not just run in the summer season but will continue “as long as necessary” with no end date set.

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