New Anime Takes Place in Alternate World Without Alternate World Anime


Avex Pictures has released a trailer today for Isekai ga Nai Sekai (A World Without Parallel Worlds), an upcoming TV anime based on a series of light novels of the same name. The story features Kosuke, an unassuming anime fan who laments at the seemingly endless parade of fantasy-world isekai anime, who is suddenly teleported into an alternate world where isekai anime do not exist.

The original Isekai ga Nai Sekai novels are published by Dengeki Bunko. In the story, Kosuke attempts to watch anime in his world, which is otherwise similar to the real world, and discovering there are no anime that takes place in an alternate world airing that season. Kosuke then researches further and discovers that shows such as Re:ZeroIsekai Smartphone to Tomo Ni, and Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! do not exist in this world.

Kosuke is initially glad to realize this, as he has long been tired of the saturated genre. However, lacking any useful skills in this world (as well as in his original world), he begins to write light novels in a desperate bid to make money.

His first novel, In Another World Where There’s Magic and Shit has quickly become a commercial success due to its “innovative and never before seen premise”. Other writers quickly follow suit, and many similar stories pop up.

In the most recent chapter, Kosuke is researching how he can be teleported to an parallel world where little sister anime do not exist.

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