New Anime-Themed Beers Ready to Pour This Week


MILWAUKEE, WI — The brewers at the Milwaukee Brewing Company are preparing to ship out the first shipments of two new anime-inspired beers to local liquor stores and taverns. A few of the brewers sat down to talk to Anime Maru before they sent out the first shipments.

“We are really excited about the opportunity to move into new themed beers. Ever since I first watched Love Live, I’ve felt that we needed to have an idol themed beer,” said one of the microbrewery’s employees Michael Gunderson. “In ‘Hop Live!: School Pale Ale Project’, I think we have a winner that will appeal to anime fans and the larger microbrewing audience. Also let your readers know that Nozomi is Best Girl.”

The brewers next ran Anime Maru through the process of how the beer came together starting from the source of the ingredients.

“We know anime fans wouldn’t accept us using hops from local sources, so we paid extra to have them imported from Japan right here to Milwaukee. We’ve done the same for the yeast and as many ingredients as we could because our consumers wouldn’t accept anything but the best ingredients from Japan,” said Head Brewer Robert “Bert” Morton.

The other beer the company is releasing is called ‘Senpai’.

“We’ve made a high ABV coffee stout that won’t necessarily get you noticed by senpai, but you will definitely notice the massive flavors that ‘Senpai’ has along with the 15% alcohol content,” said marketing manager Paul Gostkowski.

Anime Maru definitely had plenty of time to sample the new drinks and definitely agrees that they are well worth trying, though in moderation and with a designated driver.

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