New App Provides Dumb Reasons To Avoid Certain Anime


Poor writing, bad animation, ecchi, tropes – anime fans have a variety of reasons to want to avoid certain shows. However, a new mobile app called WeebSnob promises to deliver a variety of new dumb reasons to avoid watching certain shows.

According to developer Michelle Lemieux, “I had noticed that there were four or five common reasons for people to avoid anime, and those reasons kept coming up again and again; people finding the premise boring or disliking certain types of comedy or sexual content. It was all very repetitive.”

However, Lemieux discovered something interesting: “I noticed that certain anime connoisseur circles had a plethora of other odd and interesting ideas to avoid watching shows – things like the production studio having bad food and coffee in the animator break room or which magazine originally ran the 4-koma manga it was based off of. I realized I could write an app to devise all sorts of random excuses to avoid various shows.”

“WeebSnob has a dual purpose – on the one hand it allows anime fans to cull their long lists of shows to watch by using original methods, and it can help them appear knowledgeable about Japan and otaku culture in general. Imagine telling your friends: ‘I can’t watch that show because the animation director’s sister writes for a blog that trashed one of my favorite shows’ – do you realize how impressed they would be by the fact that you know such a random tidbit of information?”

Asked whether the app could also recommend shows based on the same odd criteria, Lemieux said: “I considered that, but I feel it would come across as inauthentic. In my experience, the more knowledgeable someone is about anime, the less likely they are to enjoy it.”

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